Do you think everything comes with a catalogues with credit restriction, rules, or regulations? Well, yes. That is correct it does. However, there are some areas like shopping from catalogues without paying upfront or at the time of purchase. It is functional and operational by many businesses. Those may include apparel shops or dealers, home decoration stores, and even technology retailers.

So, prior understanding or determining about how one can buy an item from the catalogue without paying, we should discuss following:

Table of Content

  • What is shopping catalogues with credit?
  • Advantages of catalogue with credit
  • Disadvantages of bad credit catalogues
  • The resourceful application procedure
  • Payment methods of buy now and pay later
  • Conclusion

What is shopping catalogues with credit?

Basically shopping catalogue with credit determines the purchase of goods without involving money at the time of signing out from a website. These websites are not ordinary and have different rules as payment method (explained in separate section). When credit is low or zero and you are bound to make a purchase then this plan goes right in favor. Also, it assists in buying commodities or items on credits that have poor credit history. Moreover, there is a purchasing method called “buy now and pay later” that are influenced by catalogues which ask for interest in a given time slot – mainly six to twelve months. This period in which you are supposed to gather and return payment is typically referred as “credit period”.

For example, there is a shopping catalogue known as Very Catalogue. Once you buy something from there they allow you to pay within six, nine, or even twelve months after the purchase is done.

Advantages of bad credit catalogues:

When it comes to bad credit or zero credit with catalogues, it is primitive to understand the advantages or bliss of having this system operational in some of the best online catalogues. Some of the perks are mentioned below:

  • Shopping is done right from the home or any remote locality without going to the physical outlet, store, or market.
  • If you are one of those people who want to buy garden accessories, home appliances, home decoration items, furniture for garden or home, clothes, kitchen items, or anything else, we have new for you. You can buy anything from catalogues with zero credit.
  • You can pay back according to the flexibility. It is exclusively applicable on clothes or items that you can’t try.
  • It is kind of embarrassing to buy sex toys and similar objects. Bad credit catalogue helps in keeping you away from awkward situations.
  • Promotions and packages are available for the bad credit catalogue which gives enough room to choose from.
  • People who live near deserted areas where there are few or no malls can take help from bad credit catalogues. This gives them the chance to wear what they want.
  • Delivery of the items bought online from the catalogues are without any extra charges.

Disadvantages of bad credit catalogues:

Naturally there are some ways through which bad credit catalogues are functioned. Those are not categorized into advantages and falls into the opposite. Following are some flaws of bad credit catalogue:

  • Annual percentage of return for the item purchased is far more than the real price. To be precise it is 40 to 60 percent extra when it comes to pay back.
  • Bad credit catalogues are mostly with extreme charges or penalties.
  • Wait is pretty upsetting. Yes it is because, when you buy something from a shop, you get the item there and then. It is not the case when you buy an item from catalogue and naturally it gives a room to create frustration.
  • Finances can make their way to end you up in debt. So, you really need to think wisely before opting for this option of any purchase.
  • At times when you buy any product from catalogue, you end up paying more; way more than the actual price.

The resourceful application procedure:

In this section we will explain as to how to apply for catalogue with credit cards, how to make it functional, and how to ultimately buy from that credit card. First of all, you must remember and keep certain pointers in your mind before opting for the card. Those include:

  1. Minimum budget that can be spend in shopping online with buy now and pay later procedure. What does this mean? If it means that you are earning monthly and going for the weekly catalogue, then you are absolutely wrong. There is nothing like that because, you will not be able to manage budget this way and things will get out of hand.
  2. Likewise, if you get your payments monthly, then you can either go for weekly or even monthly catalogues. This will not hurt your finances.
  3. Prices on the average (in the buy now and pay later procedures) are on the higher side. It is majorly because sellers have to make some profit on their goods. One thing more, these catalogue prices are double to the actual price. So, what you need to do is to get yourself acquainted or familiar with the real and actual prices in the market.

Now that you know a bit about what to bear in mind, it is time to move on to ordering an item from the catalogue. Following the procedure or method mentioned below will definitely help you out in ordering the first item or commodity:

  • Pick a catalogue by going online and opening their website.
  • Sign up in that catalogue if that is your first visit. The website you have entered will ask for some of the personal information. It is to deliver your order and take initial details to maintain a track. Incorporate right information otherwise you will be reported.
  • Next, you will be asked to wait while the catalogue company will check your credit card. They have all the authority to accept or refuse the application.
  • If you are given the authority to login then you are granted with limited amount in the credit card. Every catalogue has its own rules and regulations as per their own financial situations.
  • When your application is accepted and you have amount in the credit, you are free like a bird to buy whatever you want from the catalogue. However, you have to ensure that there is enough credit to use. For example, if the catalogue company has given five hundred pounds then you are restricted in a way to purchase anything within that amount and pay later according to the rules and regulations.
  • By the way, in case your application is not accepted, you shouldn’t get disappointed. What you should do instead of getting upset is to check data provided (of your credit card). Apply again after correcting data or information. Also, for further details, if your application is still rejected, then you must call them up and ask about the credit history.

Payment methods of buy now and pay later method:

Obviously, nothing comes for free. Having said that, it is a given that when you buy from catalogues, it has to be paid sooner or later too. So, being familiar with the payment details and how to return the amount is quite necessary.

So, the question which might come in your mind is about how to pay the catalogue company back, right? Well, they don’t mind sending you emails or postal bills weekly as a reminder. They have a proper recurring cycle that is automated in their systems and you get your bills in a proper cycle.

It is absolutely upon the catalogue company how they want to get paid back. At times they ask for your preference, and at times they don’t.

Examples: some would like to get 5 or a said percentage weekly. Others would want to get paid monthly. Whereas there would be some companies which would like to give a leverage and don’t ask for any interest if the total amount is paid within said or given timeline.


All in all, it is understood that the zero credit catalogue are the safest means of doing purchases. They tend to bid propositions on a relatively higher side of the actual prices. Best known catalogue companies which are functional in the United Kingdom include Jacamo Catalogue, Ace Catalogue, and Argos Catalogue. Also, these companies are modernized according to the need of the present age.